• Flexible rule engine: Set any challenge, create competition in minutes
  • Automatic Prizes: Set hourly, weekly and monthly promotions
  • Rewards Automation: Connect data streams to enhance the economy
  • Export data in real time: and connect data streams from existing systems


  • Custom Prize Pools: Based on user rankings, unlimited winners.
  • Pre-Scheduled Tournaments:: Automatic tournaments on an hourly to monthly basis.
  • Custom Rules: Tournaments based on any user activity.
  • Opt-In Feature: Real-time user registration and ranking tracking.
  • Segmentation: Tournaments tailored for different user segments.


  • Event Scheduling: Timed events for continuous user engagement.
  • Behavior-Based Segmentation::Personalized scheduled campaigns based on user behavior.
  • Real-Time Rewards: Instant rewards for an enhanced experience.



What are tournaments?

Tournaments are an integral part of the overall user experience with Captain Up. Captain Up’s tournament feature provides time-constraint competitions between the players, all competing for the same prize pool .Our tournaments can be configured in multiple ways and can be fully customised. You can set up different conditions to each tournament, set different Buy In methods and Segment the populations of each tournament.
Participants will be presented in a leaderboard, showing off their rank and accomplishments. All tournament data can be tracked in Captain Up’s admin along with our dedicated tournaments reports that will give you full insights on your player's behaviour

Why do I need tournaments?

Tournaments provide real-time, customised specific user’s journey, that will enhance your business’s offering. They make the gaming experience much more enjoyable, hence boosting your player’s loyalty. Players are encouraged to play more to climb up the leaderboard, therefore increasing the average time spent on your site

How can I use tournaments?

Captain Up develops a flexible configuration mechanism that allows you to create tournaments to different populations and make sure each tournament experience is different.
Set up dedicated tournaments to your new users, giving them a warm dedicated welcome experience. Define special tournaments just for your loyal VIP players. Present the players with different tournaments at the same time, giving them a variety of options to choose from.
You have dozens of configuration options that allow you to create a whole world of tournaments, each one encouraging the players to take different actions and increase a different KPI’s