For over a decade, Captain Up has revolutionized the way businesses engage with customers, turning everyday interactions into a fun journey.

Our cloud-based gamification platform for sports betting and casino offers experience that not only retains but deeply engages.

With Captain Up, you are not just adopting a tool, you are embracing a partnership that promises real, measurable growth for sports betting and casino. Your users won’t just stay - they’ll thrive.

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Build on trust, scale without limits
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With Captain Up, brands harness data-driven tools for insightful user engagement optimization
Committed to top-tier security and compliance, Captain Up ensures a safe environment by utilizing big data for personalized experiences and secure user interactions, empowered by trigger-based marketing



We make any iGaming especially sports betting & casino or e-commerce site a playground, every day a joyride, and inspire each other to see the potential for fun and engagement in everything to maximize our customers’ retention and loyalty KPI’s.

Like skateboarders who see the streets as arenas of endless possibilities, we approach our customers with the same eagerness to engage, innovate, and delight in every turn to help them grow their business.

If your customers stay longer and become more loyal, you make more money. Then we are happy.

  • Loyalty platform - behavioral economics & game mechanics
  • Dynamic, gamified experiences that drive user engagement and retention
  • User participation in active challenges, promotions, and in-play achievements
  • Personalized campaigns segmented according to user behavior
  • Automatic linking of user actions to rewards

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Unlock the 'Meta Game': Add a Fun and Exciting Layer to Your Brand. Connect with Customers at the Right Time with Relevant Messages. Players Engage in Thrilling Tournaments, Jackpots, Challenges, Collect Trophies, Level Up, Upgrade Status, Claim Prizes and Explore the Shop for Exclusive Goods

Enrich your customers' journey with our sophisticated Season Pass feature, offering them unique opportunities to engage deeper and unlock rewarding experiences. Further enhance the engagement with our Free-to-Play feature, designed to complement your user acquisition strategy

Each interaction is carefully segmented and localized, ensuring every user feels personally valued, no matter where they are. Dive into a world of elevated user loyalty and engagement with our gamification platform for sports betting & casino.


“At betPARX, we understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding our customers. Our program is designed to do just that by offering multiple exciting features, including personalized challenges and missions. With each bet placed, customers earn status and coins, which can be redeemed for a wide range of exclusive rewards, from casino to sports bonuses and merchandise on the betPARX shop. Captain Up’s expertise in gamification and engagement solutions has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life”

Gil Bushkin

“We are very happy, as the launch has been a success. More and more players are accumulating Strendus Coins and redeeming them for bonuses to continue enjoying their favorite games, among other options. Besides, we see Strendus Universe as something that's 'alive' in the sense that we will always have more and better things inside the Universe.”

Lenin Castillo

“Having the technology is not enough to create an engaging experience. You need to understand how to incorporate good design via the 8 Core Drives into the experience, to create long lasting fun and engagement. Captain Up enables to add gamification easily”

Yu Kai Chou

“Engagement and retention are the biggest challenges facing online services today. Captain Up aims to bring the lessons of behavioral economics to online users worldwide”

Prof. Dan Ariely

“Today’s betting and gambling environment is increasingly focused on heightening the player experience. Gamification is an essential cog in the wheel of what I deem to be a complex philosophy in product design and user engagement. Captain Up’s product portfolio helps our partners build a competitive edge in terms of player loyalty and engagement”

Sabrina Soldà

"The competitive nature of the playtech partnership programme is underlined by our collaboration with Captain Up.. We are very picky, and very happy with our selection. Quick and easy integration enables automated solutions for customers"

Anthony Evans

"Rewarding desired activities and behaviors at the right time is a key enabler for delivering a rich and engaging customer experience. Our partnership with Captain Up provides our customers with a result-driven gamification platform, delivering dynamic, gamified experience across multiple touch points”

Pini Yakuel

“Captain Up allows our partners to run highly targeted campaigns to different player categories to ensure the bonuses they receive are perfectly aligned with their playing preferences and patterns. improving the FSB platform to make sure that our partners have the technologies and tools required to deliver a superior player experience”

Shaan Balani

“We want to bring more fun and excitement to the game. Captain Up is enabling us to offer this kind of experience, enriching the game with challenges, tournaments, trophies as well as other fun elements. Together we bring a rich and rewarding journey to our customers, offering a dynamic and exciting personal metagame”

David Vaněk