Engagement. Retention. Loyalty. Pick three.

Captain Up provides social and gaming tools offering targeted badges, levels, messages, activity feeds, tournaments, leaderboards, and rewards, increasing user lifetime value

Maximize User Engagement

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"Engagement and retention are the biggest challenges facing online services today. The project we teamed up for aims to bring the lessons of behavioral economics to online users worldwide."
Prof. Dan Ariely
"Captain Up has the most customizable (and hence powerful) gamification system for blog platforms. I've done the research."
Yu-kai Chou
"Captain Up is a simple solution for adding an extra layer of engagement and fun to any website. The platform is flexible and easy to customize and offers a good set of features out of the box".
Andrzej Marczewski
"Captain Up is a fun and easy way to get more engagement going on"
Hans van Gent, Startup Bus
"Captain Up is one of those applications no website should be without. It’s just awesome."
"A funny application, really exciting, easy to use and to install. Must have."
Andrea G. Colombo
"Captain Up is a very simple and fun concept: turns your blog into a game like experience where you can reward users, see which are the top players and make them try to unlock fun achievements"
Victor Manrique
"We ended up having a 10% conversion, and $250,000 worth of sales in just 5 days. It ended up being a lucrative strategy in getting shares and social proof"
Dr. Yifat Cohen, YCN

Track and Incentivize User Actions and Behavior

Visits, referrals, purchases: Captain Up maximizes your users lifetime value and increases your key metrics by incentivizing and motivating your community to do more of the actions you care about.

Completely Customizable

The world's first engagement platform: Choose the user actions and metrics you care about, pick the right incentives, select a design to fit your app and use your local language - we got you covered.

Supports any platform

Captain Up easily integrates with websites and mobile apps, and offers a built-in experience for any web or mobile platform, be it a content site, an ecommerce app or a mobile game.

Ruby on Rails

Captain Up Activates Users

Incentivize your users to do the actions you care about

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Incentivize any user behavior

Visits, shares, purchases, comments, videos - we got you covered!

Only three lines of code!

// Report a custom action to Captain Up
captain.action('collect', {
	item: 'star'

Increase user engagement and retention

Use badges, levels, messages, leaderboards and rewards to increase customer loyalty

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Engaged Users Do More

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