Explore a promotional store where players can purchase both virtual and tangible goods using secondary currency
  • Manage Currency: Maintain control over the in-game economy, setting the value and availability of your virtual currency
  • Virtual Shop: Offer a diverse range of virtual goods for players to purchase, adding an additional layer of engagement
  • Season Pass: Provide exclusive access to premium content and experiences, creating incentives for continual engagement
  • Tailored Shopping: Our shop can be adapted to any user's preference, ensuring a personalized and satisfying shopping experience

Shop: A Bespoke Shopping Experience

Our fully managed shop is segmented according to tiers, offering items tailored to specific customer segments. Purchases can be made using virtual coins earned through engagement


We stand out with our capabilities for managing inventory, offering segmented shop items, and handling multiple currencies with automatic conversion. Our platform also supports tier-based offers and localized items, providing a truly personalized shopping journey for each user



What is a shop?

The shop is a unique space within your site where users can purchase a variety of items, ranging from in-app perks like free spins to tangible goods. Users can purchase items using their cash balance, bonus balance, or Captain Up’s virtual currency. Rewarding users for earning badges with Captain Up’s currency is a seamless process that requires no extra integration, as all balance calculations are handled by our algorithms

Why should I offer a shop?

Offering a shop enhances user attraction and retention. It allows users to choose from a wide array of rewards, helping you deliver the most appealing and desired prizes. By continually refreshing your inventory, you not only enhance user engagement but also encourage exploration of new games and verticals

How do I set up a shop?

Setting up a shop is a breeze with Captain Up. Your shop will be an integral part of your UI, tailored to suit your brand and UX. Our new shop feature allows for easy and quick configuration of shop items directly from the admin panel. You can create unique shop bundles with custom images, texts, rewards, and amounts. Once these items are set, they're ready for display in your shop. This streamlined process greatly accelerates shop development while providing flexibility in what your shop offers.