Boost Acquisition and Player Loyalty

Discover innovative Mini Games, each uniquely crafted to engage and retain players. From the strategic depths of 'Sports Predictor' to the thrilling spins of 'Rewards Reel', and popular choices like 'Spin the Wheel', 'Predictor', and 'Play Builder', these games not only entertain but also significantly boost player acquisition.

Seamlessly integrated with loyalty elements such as XP, rewards, coins, and our exclusive shop, these games are designed to convert newcomers into loyal players.

Fully Integrated Gaming Experience

Our Free2Play Games are flawlessly integrated with Captain Up's extensive features, including the client-kit. This integration ensures a cohesive and immersive experience for players, leveraging every aspect of our platform to maximize engagement and loyalty.

Key Features:

  • Spin the Wheel
    A classic favorite, 'Spin the Wheel' offers players a chance to win exciting rewards, driving engagement and repeat visits.
  • Sports Predictor:
    Engage sports enthusiasts with predictions on game outcomes, creating a continuous engagement loop.
  • Play Builder:
    Empower players to create their customized gameplay with 'Play Builder,' fostering a deeper connection with your platform.
  • Pick6:
    A gripping challenge where players pick winners from six matchups, blending skill with luck.
  • First Goal Spinner:
    A real-time engagement booster, where players predict the first goal scorer for instant rewards

Empower Your Brand:

  • Free Spins Machine:
    A slot-style game where players can win free spins, enhancing the traditional casino experience.
  • Rewards Reel:
    A modern take on the classic slot machine, offering enticing rewards and bonuses.