Captain Up WordPress Plugin

Captain Up is a game mechanics and engagement platform for your WordPress blog. Quickly add badges, levels, leaderboards and engagement to your site.


Captain Up is a Game Mechanics and User Engagement platform for your WordPress site. After a quick install your users will be able to connect with Facebook or Twitter, earn points, progress through the levels, achieve badges and compete in leaderboards.

Captain Up helps you engage with your users. You will see more likes, more tweets, more comments and more repeated visits to your site. You can learn more about your users and see who is passionate about your blog and who has the most influence in social networks.

You will need to associate your WordPress site with a free Captain Up account. If you don't have one yet - sign up now.

  • Completely Customizable Experience - You can create new badges that can be achieved by visiting specific pages or categories on your WordPress site, or for liking your Facebook page. The appearance and conditions of each badge and level is completely customizable.

  • Works out of the Box - With over 70 different badges and 30 levels we give your users a challenging game experience while keeping the learning curve small and keeping them entertained.

  • Deep Insights and Statistics - Get to know your most passionate users. See who has the most followers on Twitter and who brought the most visitors to your site. Understand how users are engaging with your WordPress site and how to improve your game.

  • Widgets! - The Activity Widget shows all the recent activities on your site and brings a sense of vibrancy, action and community to your WordPress site. The Leaderboard Widget will drive users to compete and compare with one another.

  • Viral Actions - Players can get more points for having a large followers base on Twitter or a lot of Friends on Facebook. Badges and Levels can be shared easily with a link to your WordPress site. When other people visit your site from the players links the players get even more points!

  • Tons of Actions - Players can earn points for visiting your site consistently, for visiting specific pages on your site, for commenting or liking on Facebook or Tweeting about you or even watching videos on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. In order for the plugin to work you need to sign up to Captain Up. It's completely free.

Is JavaScript required?

Yes. Captain Up will not work if JavaScript is disabled.

Does Captain Up work on mobile and tablet versions of my site?

Not yet. When users visit your site from mobile phones or from tablets Captain Up will not appear.

I got more Questions!

For more information visit the Captain Up Wordpress Help Center or contact us.

Contributing Code

The source code for this plugin is available on Captain Up's GitHub account. Pull Requests and issues are welcome.