You don't have to reinvent the wheel of fortune to boost performance

Take advantage of behavioral economics and achieve your most valued KPI’s

Traditional user retention mechanisms are based on straight-forward, quid-pro-quo rewards: Players make deposits and in return they get loyalty points. These methods may work at a certain level, but they are increasingly falling short when tackling the massive challenge of online user retention.

Captain Up provides a next-generation loyalty program based on scientific insights from behavioral economics. The platform provides tools like those used on such mega-viral success stories as CANDY CRUSH and CLASH OF CLANS. Missions, challenges and rewards are an integral part of the experience, providing a whole new rewarding and engaging ecosystem to the users.

Tackle the retention crisis head-on

While billions are spent on online advertising, most newly acquired users will abandon new apps within just three days.

Retention is a critical factor when it comes to monetization. Captain Up offers a solution that has proven itself with major gaming platforms and across online industries.

Turn new visitors into loyal active players

Reward players for any and all actions: visits, spins, deposits, clicks, gifts, exploring, and more. Encourage players to try new games using missions and rewards. Enhance user loyalty and increase new content discovery, boosting LTV.

Give players a rewarding (and profitable) experience

What was once only part of popular social games can now drive forward your customer retention and revenue streams. Our platform gives players instant positive feedback for your most valued actions, leading them to instinctively stay longer and do more.

Increase user lifetime value

Use Captain Up’s world-leading engagement platform to create an engagement eco-system for your players. Add points-based mechanisms, multiple currencies, levels, missions, challenges, trophies, and badges. Build a community around your brand.

In-game communication capabilities

Communicate directly with your most valuable players and give them special rewards. Create a personal relationship, taking loyalty and VIP status to the next level.

Give players a personal profile and identity

Give each player their own user profile, tracking their progress and achievements and showing them they are a unique individual whose actions really count.

Get intelligent backend analytics

The behavioral data we continuously monitor and incentivize also fuels our big-data analytics engine, providing you with intelligent insights you can act on.

Learn all about player behavior on the individual, segment, or community-wide level, optimize your incentives, and watch the results as they unfold.

Go beyond A/B testing

Create your setup on the backend and track user behavior to see exactly what will happen when you launch the front-end. Test the new loyalty program for a small group of testers to compare user behavior, and optimize your setup to perfection before rolling it out for everyone else.

White label

Captain Up is fully customizable and brandable to fit in with your brand’s look and feel, providing a full white label solution. Make it your own.