Captain Up maximizes user engagement and lifetime value, using gamification, social and communication tools.

During these times, when teams move to remote work, customers are limiting offline activity & spend - online experiences are the main channel of communication. It is crucial to optimize the user journey, provide relevant, timely feedback, reward desired activities and gain a dynamic view of the team’s & customer’s activity.

Our teams & customers may be remote, but the need to interact, feedback, socialize, manage & motivate, is as relevant as ever. Using behavioural economics and machine learning, Captain Up powers teams and customers with relevant goals, feedback and rewards for their activity.

Creating a personal user experience, maximizing team engagement, generating customer loyalty and retention.

Why work with Captain Up?

  • Increase your revenues
    By maximizing user engagement and loyalty
  • Add a personal touch to the online journey
    By using various communication methods such as notifications, pop up messages and more
  • Manage and incentivize remote workers
    By introducing social elements such as leaderboards, activity feeds and more
  • Create segmented journeys
    Every action counts towards a bigger goal. Promote, reward and send direct messages
  • Enhance loyalty
    By personalizing the engagement with the player, by making the user experience more enjoyable and by continuously knowing what to offer based on real time data
Prof. Dan Ariely
Duke University

Engagement and retention are the biggest challenges facing online services today. Captain Up aims to bring the lessons of behavioral economics to online users worldwide.

New Collaboration With Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide can now take advantage of the Captain Up loyalty platform, powered by machine learning and behavioral economics

New partnership with Playtech.
iGaming Business

"This integration enables our licensees to access an even broader range of unique technologies that can help differentiate their offerings and significantly enhance their player engagement, through the use of real-time analytics," Playtech chief operating officer Shimon Akad said.