Creating happier customers who visit more often, buy more, and keep coming back

Plug in Captain Up and watch social sharing, traffic, and engagement skyrocket

Set up purchase incentives. Reward referrals. Add a loyalty program. Incentivize the behavior that matters to you and watch your key metrics go up.

Automate retention using instant positive feedback that keeps customers happy and engaged

Captain Up is your tailored engagement solution, powered by machine learning, game mechanics, and behavioral psychology. Use our optimized setup and interface, or get a unique white-label platform solution that fits into your shop seamlessly.

New and returning customers alike will be drawn in to explore your offering, read product reviews, purchase and review more items. Automatically give them positive feedback for their activity and let them compete with each other for a top spot on the leaderboards.

Our engagement tools will keep your key metrics in focus

Set up incentives to match your goals and priorities, learn about how customers interact with your site, and tweak the incentives to perfection.

Behavioral economics and psychology tell us how incentives affect behavior. Our game mechanics put these insights to work, drawing users’ attention to the items and features you prioritize and giving them rewards that reinforce the behavior you want.

Analytics & Community tools for next-generation customer relations

Users will compete with their friends on leaderboards and activity feeds. Send messages and rewards directly to users. Our user management tools will empower your interactions and communication with your customers.

Nurture your community. Learn about your users. Interact with the folks who use your app. Guide them with incentives and direct messages to help them find your best, newest, and most relevant offers.

Find your most passionate and influential customers, give them a sense of belonging, and make them into brand ambassadors.

Hassle-free business logic. Reward and incentivize user actions according to your own business logic.

Cross-platform support. Engage users across sites and apps, with a user experience optimized for web, tablet, and mobile.

Mobile & Web

"..Captain Up works across web and mobile apps to boost customer engagement.."
Buisness Software

Engagement in a Box

"..Whenever the system has been installed, start receiving lots of interesting feedback.."
Yu-Kai Chou

Maximize Engagement

"..a whopping 50% of my users now share on twitter! 70% share on facebook. On average a person who signed up has watched 6.8 videos!.."

Social Connect

"..Captain Up enables your users to connect with facebook or twitter, earn points, and advance uo the levels, win badges and compete in leaderboards.."

Captain Up – Turning visitors into loyal customers