Ladbrokes Life Adventure

Our new rewards scheme is the most innovative and
ambitious in the gaming industry

— Pablo Grunbaum, COO Ladbrokes Digital

The Ladbrokes Life Adventure introduces a personalized game experience for its players.

Captain Up provided the gamification, social and communication layers, offering features such as; personalized gamification area, avatars and user profiles, in-app inbox, challenges and multiple currencies.

By gamifying rewards, Ladbrokes introduced multiple currencies to enrich the player journey. The player is presented with various challenges, once a challenge is completed, the player is awarded with coins. These coins can be redeemed for cash prizes, in a fun and engaging way via branded scratch cards.

Bottom Line
  • Introduce social elements to enrich the user experience
  • Attract Millennials by offering out-of-the-box social features
  • Bridge the gap between real money and social arenas
  • Drive positive competition amongst your players using tournaments, challenges and leaderboards.

888’s Spindipity

Spindipity is a mobile app for casino games.

Captain Up provided the gamification and communication layers, offering features such as; unlocking game content, level-based rewards, in-app messaging and gamified bonuses. The Wheel of Fortune claim mechanism was also introduced, as a fun and lucrative way to reward users for their actions.

Existing casino game offerings display all their games on numerous pages of content or in categories. This leaves the player somewhat overwhelmed with variety and choice.

Spindipity’s gamified loyalty scheme, gradually unlocks and exposes new games every time the player reaches the next level. This feature adds a competitive element that motivates players to try out new games, leads the player journey according to your preferred route and is dependent upon the player’s level of activity.

Captain Up’s platform was integrated with 888’s existing loyalty scheme to provide a seamless and consistent experience for the players. In addition, Captain Up integrated into 888’s bonus claim mechanism, enabling us to offer bonuses and free spins in real-time via their API.

Bottom Line
  • Increased player activity
  • Increased cross-sell from bingo to slots
  • Prolonged session time

888’s Red Bus Bingo

My Red Bus was introduced as Red Bus Bingo’s innovative loyalty program.

In addition, Red Bus’s bonus mechanism was enhanced to include not only bingo and game bonuses, but also free bingo tickets and free spins, which are rewarded in real-time. Plus virtual trophies which the players collect in their personal trophy case.

Captain Up’s engagement layer was integrated as a white-label solution. Within a single integration, any operator can simply customize their brand colors and labels to immediately introduce all of Captain Up’s features.

Bottom Line
  • Increased mobile usage
  • Increased player activity
  • Increased cross-sell from bingo to slots